New photo Re-sizing & Info script...

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New photo Re-sizing & Info script... Empty New photo Re-sizing & Info script...

Post  Sheilsoft on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:08 pm


As you may recall, I wrote a script for the club, which automatically resized images for posting to this forum. It also sharpened the image, gave it a pencil border, and added a panel at the bottom which displayed the photo's exposure settings (Exif data).

I felt that this display panel was a bit too bold, which detracted from the image...

(See previous version here...

I have therefore re-written the script, which still displays this important info, but in a more subtle format IMHO.

New photo Re-sizing & Info script... Saliente002e

Download the script here...

Unzip script file to My Documents/Corel Paintshop Pro/14.0/Scripts-Restricted folder
(If you have the previous version, delete it first).

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