Zurgena 2012

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Zurgena 2012

Post  Richard on Thu May 17, 2012 12:44 pm

Took over 30 shots in 30 minutes and these two, the 2nd one in particular, are among the best.

Aperture F/10: Shutter Speed 1/10: ISO 200: Focal Length 27

Aperture F/8: Shutter Speed 1/800: ISO 200: Focal Length 50



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Re: Zurgena 2012

Post  Sheilsoft on Fri May 18, 2012 4:10 pm


Two very nice shots in and around zurgena. I never quite made it into the church, which looks beautiful.
The street shot makes good use of the diagonally repeating palms.

One thing I have noticed though, is that in the first shot, your shutter speed was 1/10th... Really quite slow, and could have caused lack of sharpness or blur from camera shake. Thankfully, it didn't cause to much of a problem this time, but if you are going to use Aperture Priority, you have to be aware of lighting conditions and how this might affect your shutter speed. In this case you could have just opened up your lens aperture to say f5.6 and it would have given you a better shutter speed, or in darker conditions increased your ISO to 400 or 800.

Howard Very Happy

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