October 2012 Club Meeting

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October 2012 Club Meeting Empty October 2012 Club Meeting

Post  Sheilsoft on Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:09 pm


We officially re-started the club after our Summer break with our October club meeting in Rumores bar, Albox. Since our last meeting (May) the bar has been taken over by the management of La Vida. We had previously considered a change of venue to La Vida, but on inspection, their function room did not suit our purposes for the moment. The only small problem we encountered returning to Rumores' back room was that the heavy drapes had been removed from the windows, making projections very feint with poor detail quality. I have been assured by Rob (manager) that this issue should be resolved by our next meeting.

I would like to thank the Computer Club again for the use of their LCD projector, for which they receive a token payment of €2 per session. We passed the hat around club members and have paid for its use, for 6 club meetings.

It was very gratifying to see a few new faces at the meeting, and hopefully we can continue to draw some more interest into the club. We agreed that once we can indicate regular club meetings and times, we should put some added effort into promoting the club via free papers, local radio etc. Unfortunately we couldn't start off immediately with consistent club meeting days... our intention is to change club meetings to the first Tuesday of the month, unfortunately though, due to to prior commitments, I will be out of the country early November. The members in attendance kindly agreed to defer November's monthly meeting to Tuesday 13th November.

The content of the meeting centered around a quick review of some of the topics we had covered last year, particularly post processing and a short video discussing some basic photographic jargon.

In past meetings there has been a leaning towards covering basic photography techniques and skills, composition and digital post processing techniques using, in our case, Paint Shop Pro (although other graphics suites can of course be used). I hope to balance that out in future meetings by encouraging members to bring along images (or photo sets) for open discussion, and maybe to illustrate various tweaks in composition or manipulation options.

I would also like to encourage members to get into the habit of posting images onto the forum. We are a photographic club after all, and without images to look at or discuss it becomes rather pointless. I gave a quick run through of the uploading process via Imageshack.us, and members may find it useful to print off the 'stickie' found at the head of each forum section until they get into the swing of it. It looks a bit complicated at first, but done a couple of times it should become second nature. PM me if you need any help.

I mentioned at the meeting that I have a 'Spyder' gizmo for calibrating your computer monitor's colour and contrast. You simply have to install a piece of software which takes you through the process. I takes about 10 mins to do, and is well worth the effort so you see your images as they should be displayed, so you don't end up making wrong colour adjustments. Val has it at the moment and has updated her system. She will bring it along to the next field trip if anyone else wants to use it.

Talking of field trips, we decided, due to the recent upheaval of roads etc after the 'deluge' to visit somewhere not too far out (man). We were also finding it difficult to find a weekday for a field trip that suited everyone meeting at the usual time of 11am. Changing the time to 2pm appeared to fix the problem, so we have decided to have our next club field trip to Oria, on Monday October 15th at 2pm, meeting in the small plaza by the church.

...and finally, it was decided, for our Monthly Assignment, to take and post images on the theme... "After the Storm"

Thanks again, and look forward to seeing you all either on line or at the next field trip!

Howard Very Happy

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