*Important Notice* Change of Venue!

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*Important Notice* Change of Venue! Empty *Important Notice* Change of Venue!

Post  Sheilsoft on Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:05 pm


After much gnashing of teeth, and a fair amount of time spent looking around the area, assessing various locations, we have decided to part company with Rumores/Jacks bar in Albox as the club's venue for holding monthly meetings. It was never an ideal venue with a noisy adjoining bar, and the back room not suited to presenting photographic content such that we could see the level of detail required.

We have therefore decided to move to the Hostal Meson Arboleas, next to the Coviran supermarket.

Our main criteria was to find a quiet room where light could be excluded enough to view our images and present tutorials. Also, after some discussion, and viewing various options, we found that rather than an LCD projector, a large screen HD TV displayed images to a much higher resolution, colour saturation, and general level of clarity.

Thankfully, the Hostal Meson Arboleas has a separate bar/function room (the Kubatin) that isn't used during the afternoons, is quite dark for our use, AND comes with a large screen TV already installed. We have checked the AV setup, and it looks great. It is a big room, but there are plenty of seating options for viewing and tutorials, and also soft seating and tables area if splinter groups want to sit and look at things on their own laptops. The owner, Agustin, is very friendly and very helpful in welcoming us to use this facility. He is happy for us to hold our meetings there, free of charge, but I would encourage members to at least buy a drink when attending, to recompense in some way. If you haven't been to the Meson, it does do some of the nicest tapas in the area, and the room we will use adjoins a sunny courtyard... I can see some meetings extending into the evening, beer/wine in hand!

*Important Notice* Change of Venue! Mesonpic

I feel this is a win win for us, not only with the better facilities, better suited to our needs, but also the more central location... I hope you agree.

As I have said, the room we will use is separate from the main bar area, on the level below, named the Kubatin. This is accessed by walking down the lane between the Meson and Coviran supermarket, and entered via a side gate. There is plenty of parking available on this lower level beside the supermarket. For those of you who require directions I have included a map below...

*Important Notice* Change of Venue! Mesonmap

So... Next month's club meeting, Tuesday 5th February @ 4pm will be the first time we use the new location. Hopefully we will have a good attendance.

Now that we have a new home, we can push on to draw in new members and move on from here. We have started distributing flyers and will continue to do so (some will be available at the meeting to hand round your area), and we'll also try to get a classified ad in the free papers and on the radio.

Feel free to bring along your cameras and laptops for discussion, or installing/configuring software etc.

Look forward to seeing you all (and seeing some posts on the forum!) Wink

Howard Very Happy

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*Important Notice* Change of Venue! Empty Good choice of venue.

Post  Bri on Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:06 pm

Personally, I think this could work very well for us. The proof of the pudding is in the eating so we need to judge it after a few meetings but I'll be surprised if it's not an improvement.

Well done whoever sorted that!!! Laughing cheers


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*Important Notice* Change of Venue! Empty Change of Venue

Post  VicA on Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:26 pm

Brilliant !!

I think it will be a much more suitable venue and there is loads of car parking nearby.

Only one problem though, we may all be tasked by our nearest and dearest to get the shopping in Coviran after the meetings !!


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*Important Notice* Change of Venue! Empty New venue

Post  Dave689 on Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:53 pm

Looking forward to it!!



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*Important Notice* Change of Venue! Empty Re: *Important Notice* Change of Venue!

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