Contacting forum members

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Contacting forum members

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:46 pm

Although this is a club forum, and we will from time to time want to contact other members, it is not a good idea, from a security point of view, to post and display your email address on the forum.

Your email address is kept hidden and secure after you register with the forum. If you want to contact another member you should do so using the PM (Personal Message) system.

To send a PM to another member you will find below their avatar (member's icon at left of post) a row of buttons (you must be logged in) one of which is titled 'PM'. Click on this and a screen will appear which will allow you to type in a message and send it to the recipient's registered email address. Email addresses remain hidden & secure when using this system.

You can check your PMs from the menubar at the top of each page, under the forum title.

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