My first photo posting. "Mi Casa" (photos now embedded)

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My first photo posting. "Mi Casa" (photos now embedded)

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:00 am

Photos now embedded :

Kenny M cheers

Wise owls by kenny min, on Flickr

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Re: My first photo posting. "Mi Casa" (photos now embedded)

Post  Sheilsoft on Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:14 am


As I've mentioned elswhere, it would be nice, and easier to comment on, if we can get members to embed/insert their images into their post. Most hosting servers will generate code to paste into our 'Image' button.

That said I do like your two images... Typically Spanish shots. I like the ceramic owls... Where did you get them? We were talking the other day about when composing a shot, to allow a little bit of extra space around your subject. I think that would have benefited here, and allowed a bit of top space, which would have sat the main pot more 'in' the picture, and not clipped. There's also a little bit of something on the right edge which catches the eye. This sort of thing can be easily removed using the Clone Brush, an invaluable tool in most graphic apps, and a feature we'll cover at a club meeting session.

Your second 'gate & hill' image is very good with lovely saturated colour and a sense of space. Again, if left as it is, I'd use the clone brush to remove the right hand leaves and shadow. But I think I'd also try cropping the image to give a more dynamic view... As it is, most of the detail is across the central band... I'd maybe try cropping off most of the 'empty' foreground (up to just below the first stone on the left), this would sit the subject lower in the frame and give the impression of a larger sky and different viewpoint. Try placing your hand or a bit of paper over the bottom of the image to see how the 'dynamics' change (I hope!).

Only my opinion of course, but it's a nice shot, so worth playing with.

Howard Very Happy

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