Next club meeting and Agenda

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Next club meeting and Agenda Empty Next club meeting and Agenda

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:03 am

The next meeting will be at Rumores Bar in Albox at 2pm on Friday 7th October. Please come along, bring your cameras, laptops, photos, and many questions. No fee to take part!

The agenda for this meeting will centre around complete beginners and will include "how to upload your images to a computer", "image file types", "organising your saved images", "editing and improving those images", and "how to send them to your friends and family via the internet", and "how to upload images to this forum".

You can join the photo club by coming to our meetings, field trips, or join us on-line on this Photo Club Forum. (Go to the "Welcome" section and see "How to Register").


Kenny M lol!


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