Testing Raw Images

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Testing Raw Images

Post  Val on Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:17 pm

Hi thanks for the very informative meeting. Here's a test using Raw format.

fingers crossed


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Re: Testing Raw Images

Post  Sheilsoft on Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:48 pm

Hi there,

Thanks for coming along to today's club meeting, and glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll get a bit more organised over the coming months.

Well done on getting your great raw image processed and uploaded to the forum... Looks really good! No excuse now for future posts.

Science bit...

If you're new to shooting in RAW, you'll notice that, strangely, the images may need some sharpening. You would expect that as raw uses data directly from your camera's sensor, to get the very highest resolution possible, the resulting image would be perfect in every way. Not so. Because it is purely raw data, no tweaks whatever have been applied to your image by the camera, it has merely recorded the digital 1s & 0s. If shooting in any other file format (Tif/Jpg), the camera applies minor tweaks to give an almost finished product before it writes the image to your card, so even Jpgs get in-camera sharpness added (as well as contrast & colour adjustments). When you choose RAW as your file format, you are expected to tweak/adjust your images later on your computer using a graphics app (post processing). The real beauty of RAW is that you can adjust every aspect of the image from exposure to sharpness and many other settings, and still retain maximum resolution. So... the bottom line is the minimum you will 'usually' have to do to a raw image, is add a bit of sharpening (preferrably using the UnSharp Mask tool). As you'll be usually using the same camera, once you've found the amount of sharpening required for your raw image, it will be the same required for all images from that camera.

...End of nerdy science bit!

Look forward to seeing more of your work. Time to get out now and grab some 'red' shots for our monthly assignment!

Howard Very Happy

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