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December 2011 Club Meeting... Empty December 2011 Club Meeting...

Post  Sheilsoft on Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:51 am


Our fourth club meeting was held yesterday at Rumores bar.

The main topic of discussion was an excellent Powerpoint presentation by Ken, covering the basics of Photography, from composition through to ISO, shutter & aperture settings. Obviously a huge area to cover in one session, but it certainly opened up points for discussion, which frankly we just skimmed over, but laid down some markers for future tutorial sessions. As we're pretty much starting the club up from an 'I don't know anything about photography' viewpoint, these initial sessions are excellent in laying out some of the major aspects of photography, so at least members can get the first understandings of how various functions and techniques come together and interact to create a finished photograph. We will definitely be revisiting most of the important stuff on a regular basis to ensure all members have a good understanding and are confident in alterations to some of the variables. By the same token, we don't want to get too geeky and scare off some members who simply want to take some shots and make easy alterations to them. We will also be covering tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, explaining how to use it for basic photo tweaks and for more creative work.

It was also decided that our next Field Trip would be to Albox on a market day. This will be on Tuesday 13th December, meeting at the Wassy Bar in Albox at 11am. Anyone intending to go, and not sure where this is, just post a request in the Photo Cafe section and we'll give fuller directions.

This month's Photo Assignment will be... Ruins, Rocks & Stone. Members are requested to don their winter woollies and get out there with their cameras, and grab some interesting shots of anything that falls into this category. Please upload your photos into the Darkroom Gallery section of the forum for display and discussion. Any new members who have not posted images to the forum should first read the 'sticky' on inserting images, and if encounter any problems please post to the Photo Cafe where one of the other members will hopefully talk you through the process, and help you on the way.

A big hit at the club meeting was the new digital projector, owned by the Computer Club, for which we pay a small fee. We were considering other methods to display our images at meetings as their previous projector was quite poor for our use, with poor resolution and colour fidelity. Thankfully, the new projector is excellent and shows all the detail we need as a photo club.

We agreed at earlier meetings to hold our monthly meetings at Rumores bar on the 1st Friday of each month at 4pm, but due to the festivities we agreed to slip the meeting by a week for January, and so the date of our next monthly club meeting will be Friday 13th January 2012.

Looking forward to our next field trip and monthly assigment pics coming in... see you soon!

Howard Very Happy

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