Villaricos Field Trip Map...

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Villaricos Field Trip Map...

Post  Sheilsoft on Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:11 am


Please see map below of Villaricos...

For the forthcoming field trip to Villaricos (Tuesday 14th February), we intend to meet up at the small cafe down by the small newer marina, at the Vera Playa/Garrucha end of the village, at 11:00am. When you approach Villaricos from the South, you will pass a tower on the right, and the Mar la Mar restaurant on your left. Turn right immediately after that onto Calle de Villaricos.

You can either try taking the car down towards the marina (there are a few parking spots), or park up on the top road and walk down (only takes a minute). Hopefully the little cafe will be open. If not, we will meet up at one of the first cafes on the top road (on the right).

Some of us will also be at the Overa hotel (off the E15, Albox salida roundabout) at 10:30am, if anyone wants to follow us down.

See you there!

Howard Very Happy

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