A couple of my recent images

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A couple of my recent images

Post  Dave689 on Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:42 pm


These are a couple of images that I have taken this year for starters. Hope you like them.


This a a view of Tetica through some ruins by the road from Limaria to the Arboleas poligono. I turned it into B&W as the buildings have a more dramatic appearance (well, to me anyway). I know what you may think about the viga sticking up in the middle of it but, to me (again) it actually enhances it by emphasising the discord shown in the ruins.

This is along the same road. I have cropped to square as this allows the shape of the window (not square) to notice more. Contrast has been bumped up a bit too. on reflection, I think I should have cropped out the bottom area that includes the blown-out bit.


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